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3 The Gardener.jpegGardenerIntroClick a title to go to the song

  1. In Bed With The Major
  2. Proud Maisrie
  3. Mind Your Eye
  4. I Walk Alone
  5. I Will Set My Ship In Order
  6. Love Will Never Conquer Me
  7. Returning Home 
  8. Here’s To The Maiden
  9. Fuddling Day
  10. Portum Quartum
  11. A Kiss In The Morning
  12. The Grey Hawk
  13. The Penny Wager
  14. Jenny In The Morning 
  15. The Fires Of Hell
  16. The Building

4 The Hawthorn Bush.jpeg0 Hawthorn IntroClick a title to go to the song

  1. The Lark In The Morning
  2. The Pleasant Ohio
  3. Gil Brenton
  4. The Cold Shepherd  
  5. Tarry Wool
  6. The Hawthorn Bush
  7. Poor Jolly Sailor Lads
  8. Bryan A-Lynn  
  9. Billy O
  10. The Old Couple
  11. Fair Helen
  12. Neddy Nibble’m & Biddy Finn
  13. A Brisk Young Sailor
  14. Bonny Kate
  15. Brave Dudley Boys
  16. Haymakers’ Song & God Speed The Plough 

5 Kitty Alone And I.jpegScanClick a title to go to the song

  1. We Are Three Brethren
  2. Jimmy Sailing
  3. The Stuttering Lovers
  4. The Twenty-Fourth Of February
  5. Kitty Alone And I 
  6. Weary Of Rambling Alone
  7. Jackie Munro
  8. The Carrion Crow
  9. Susan And The Sailor
  10. Madcaps Of England
  11. A Fair Maid Was Walking
  12. The Bold Benjamin
  13. The Shepherd And His Fife
  14. I Wish There Were No Prisons
  15. Nice Young Maidens
  16. The Milk Maid

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