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6 A Small Stage.jpeg0 SmallStage IntroClick the blue title to go to the song

  1. A Sailor Courted
  2. No Sir, No
  3. The Good Ship Calibar
  4. Oily Rigs
  5. Granny’s Black Felt Hat
  6. Woad
  7. My Canary’s Got Circles Under His Eyes
  8. Not Today
  9. How Does A Family Start?
  10. Morris Perkins   Mervyn Grist
  11. Our Old Cat
  12. I’ve Come Up From Down Below
  13. Honey On A Bee’s Bum  Mervyn Grist  
  14. My Boy Billy Boy
  15. On Mondays
  16. Liza

7 The Green Bed.jpeg 0 Green Bed Intro Click the blue title to go to the song

  1. Madam, Will You Walk?
  2. Blackberry Fall
  3. Long Lankin
  4. The Grey Mare
  5. Bonny George Campbell
  6. How I’m Longing To Marry
  7. Go From My Window
  8. The Green Bed
  9. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
  10. The Devil And The Ploughman
  11. P Stands For Paddy
  12. The False Fox
  13. Pay Me The Money Down
  14. When A Man’s In Love
  15. Marrowbones
  16. John Blunt

8 And You Sang Along.jpegIllustration by Sally Seymour 1977

0 You Sang introClick a title to go to the song

  1. The Cockerham Devil
  2. Roger’s Courtship
  3. The Lovely Banks Of Red Roses
  4. A Sailor For Me
  5. Cold Blows The Wind
  6. Too Many Lovers
  7. Farewell She
  8. Prickle ‘Olly Bush
  9. Loving Hannah
  10. Tommy The Proud
  11. Sheep Under The Snow
  12. Nobody’s Come To Marry
  13. Get A Little Table
  14. Little Mohee
  15. So Fair Are The Flowers
  16. Hearty Good Fellow

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