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12 For The Sake Of Completeness.jpeg0 Completeness IntroThe painted woodcut is one of my more successful pieces.

Click the title to go to the song

  1. Early One Evening
  2. Old English Murder Ballad
  3. Villikins And His Dinah
  4. My Brother Sylvest
  5. Henery My Son
  6. The Roguey
  7. Girls
  8. Calder
  9. Side By Side
  10. Chastity Belt
  11. The Wayward Boy
  12. The Coffee Pot Song
  13. The Pantomime Elephant
  14. The Hermit
  15. One Bottle O’ Beer
  16. I Had A Bath

13 Barsham Days.jpeg 0 BarshamClick the title to go to the song

  1. Thornymoor Woods
  2. Fair Nancy
  3. And A-Begging I Will Go
  4. Adieu And Farewell
  5. Long And Wishing Eye
  6. Two Loving Brothers
  7. I Once Was A Ploughboy
  8. Over The Hills And Far Away
  9. Polly Oliver
  10. The Roving Journeyman
  11. Polly Vaughan
  12. Johnny Came To Our Town
  13. Husband Without Courage
  14. Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
  15. Ball O’ Yarn
  16. The Fair

14 Scraps.jpeg0 Scraps introClick a title to go to the song

  1. When Good King Arthur Ruled
  2. The Jolly Herring
  3. Three Jolly Fishermen
  4. Old Grey Squirrel
  5. Little Chance
  6. Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl
  7. Walking A Bulldog
  8. The Country Vicar
  9. Joan’s Ale
  10.  Wassail, Wassail
  11. Oh, Me ‘Taters
  12. I Wish I Was Single Again
  13. Gardening
  14. Ant Smith
  15. McGregor/Hey Jock!
  16. Show Me The Way

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