After All This Time 2016.jpegRecorded in 1990, produced by Nigel Pegrum. Click on a title to hear the song.

  1.  Used To Be
  2.  Time To Love
  3.  Reality
  4.  Out Of Touch
  5.  The Words You Say
  6.  Oh Summer
  7.  Love in My Head
  8.  Friend of the Singer
  9.  Everything Is Different
  10.  Friend of Mine
  11.  Alone on the Open Sea
  12.  After All This Time
  • Ken Okines   Vocals & acoustic guitar, words & music
  • Max Milligan   Electric guitar
  • John Battrum    Saxophone
  • Nigel Pegrum    Percussion
  • Vince Cross    Keyboards




Close Relations 2016.jpegDSCF1908.JPGAlbum recorded in 1981, produced by Nigel Pegrum. Click on a title to hear the song.

  1. The False Fox
  2. Blackberry Fall
  3. The Fires Of Hell*
  4. Tommy The Proud*
  5. Little Mohee
  6. Jenny In The Morning*
  7. Just A Dream*
  8. June Apple
  9. Fly Away*
  10. David*
  11. G-O-D*
  12. Down In The City*
  13. Commonsense*
  • Ken Okines  Vocals & acoustic guitars, *words / music
  • Sue Ashby  Vocals, clavichord, piano & concertina
  • Will Fletcher  Viola & harmony vocals
  • Phil Milner  Bass guitar
  • Dave Stacey  Banjo
  • Nigel Pegrum  Percussion




img159Here a few of the hundreds of demo recordings for my guitar classes. Click on a title to hear the song.

  1. Midnight Special
  2. Death Come Creeping
  3. You Got The Pocketbook
  4. Night Train To Munich
  5. Twelve Gates to The City
  6. William & Nancy’s Parting
  7. My Johnny Was A Shoemaker
  8. Willy O’ Winsbury
  9. Alice
  10. Georgia On My Mind
  11. I Know My Babe
  12. Hesitation Blues
  13. Wayfaring Stranger
  14. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
  15. Whose Pigs Are These?
  16. Don’t Fence Me In
  17. Ned Of The Hill
  18. Two Brothers
  19. Cannily, Cannily
  20. Long Time Since I Had A Letter
  21. Highland Fairy Lullaby
  22. Sweet Thames Flow Softly
  23. January Man
  24. Mairi’s Wedding
  25. Uist Tramping Song
  26. Westering Home
  27. Keishmul’s Galley
  28. Down The Old Canal
  29. See See Rider
  30. Freeborn Man
  31. Cold Winter’s Morning
  32. North Country Maid
  33. Oh Papa
  34. I Wish I Was A Tree
  35. John the Revelator
  36. The Curragh Of Kildare
  37. Mr Punch & Judy Man
  38. Just As The Tide Was flowing
  39. Rise Up Jock
  40. Blackwater Side
  41. I Live Not Where I Love
  42. Autumn Leaves
  43. Matt Hyland
  44. Poor Old Man
  45. The Funny Family



Ken Okines Guitar 1 & 2.jpgIn 2000, after spending twenty years of my professional life as a primary school teacher, I decided to specialise in teaching guitar until I retired. It involved a great deal of driving around the county and beyond during the week, and I also taught a large junior group at a nearby college on Saturday mornings.

In the evenings I ran beginner and intermediate college classes for adults, a home group and some individual lessons. Between all this there was the third in a series of thriving barn dance bands, which was great fun, being caller and concertina player. It was an energetic way to move towards retirement.

To make things easier and more fun for beginners of all ages I recorded two CDs of skiffle-ish songs with only three chords and a lot of rhythm, complete with companion songbook.

I returned to guitar teaching because I thought it would be a good way to finish off my last years of full time work, and I was right – it did finish me off.

Anyway, here are the songs. Click on a title to hear one.

  1. Old Joe Clark
  2. I’ll Tell My Ma
  3. Three Crows
  4. Gotta Build A House
  5. Go Tell Aunt Rhody
  6. This Train
  7. Ham ‘n’ Eggs
  8. Michael Finnigan
  9. Cindy
  10. Shortnin’ Bread
  11. Gypsy Rover
  12. Can’t You Dance The Polka
  13. Donkey Riding
  14. Linstead Market
  15. Molly Dancers
  16. Li’l’ Liza Jane
  17. Water Come To Me Eye
  18. Rock O’ My Soul
  19. Tramps And Hawkers
  20. One Eye, Lefty And Ginger
  21. Gypsy Laddie
  22. Football Crazy
  23. Take This Hammer
  24. Paddy McGinty’s Goat
  25. Pick A Bale O’ Cotton
  26. Going To Boston
  27. Long Lost John
  28. Midnight Special
  29. Jamaica Farewell
  30. Sally Don’t You Grieve
  31. Botany bay
  32. Camptown Races
  33. Johnny Lad
  34. Island In The Sun
  35. Rock Island Line
  36. The Mermaid
  37. William Brown
  38. Mama Don’t Allow
  39. Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go
  40. The Mighty Song Of Peace