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Painting The Clouds With Sunshine

The music was written by Joe Burke with lyrics by Al Dubin. It was the title song in a 1951 film. I recorded two versions for the album ‘I Saw Stars’ but neither was included. Listening to it now, it seems reasonable enough. See what you think. Don’t…

You’re The Cream In My Coffee

You’re the Cream in My Coffee was published in 1928 and recorded by Annette Hanshaw the same year. Buddy G DeSylva and Lew Brown wrote the lyrics and Ray Henderson the melody. It featured in the musical ‘Hold Everything!’ on stage and screen in 1930.

Cooking Breakfast

Cooking Breakfast was written in about 1929 by William Rose & Henry Tobias for the musical ‘Be Yourself’. That’s all I know, except that the song was originally sung by a woman. The superb woodcut ‘Scotch Kitchen’ is by Edna Whyte.

Doctor Jazz

Doctor Jazz was written by Joe ‘King’ Oliver in 1926. The photo is was taken in the Forest of Dean.

Bye Bye Blackbird

Mort Dixon & Ray Henderson’s hit song of 1926 and recorded many times since. There’s more about this album in Albums 6 of the menu.