Category: Children’s song

The Funny Family

Children delight in nonsense rhymes (me too) and my collection of street rhymes and games has plenty of them. Alison McMorland’s book and album ‘The Funny Family’ has this song which includes words and phrases found in many skipping, clapping and ball games. When…

Autumn Days

Green Gravel

Circle games and dances are found all over the world, not least because everyone is an equal part of the whole and everyone can see what’s happening. One version of Green Gravel was collected from Mrs Harley, Bewdley, Shropshire by Lucy Broadwood and J…

Jacket & Petticoat

This curious song is another little-known one which a pupil in one of my primary school classes brought in to add to my collection. Some time after making this recording in 2014 I discovered that a similar version was collected in Devon by Rev….

Autumn Days

One-Eye, Lefty And Ginger

For two pleasant years I taught at an infants school and wrote several songs for the classes and assemblies. One-Eye, Lefty And Ginger was a great favourite, because of the book by Janosch (Horst Eckert). It was some time before I realised I had the…