Love Will Never Conquer Me


For come reason, which I never discovered, the McPeake family from Northern Ireland was held in particularly high regard at Hertford Folk Club in the Dimsdale Arms. As they had never played there and weren’t likely to, one night in 1967 I joined in the general acclaim and sang Francis McPeake’s Love Will Never Conquer Me on their behalf, but didn’t record the song until 2010.

Love Of My Heart

In a 1946 BBC broadcast, repeated on Radio 4 on 24th July 1980, James Stephens said that his friend James Joyce told him he’d learned the song from his grandfather, that it was the world’s best loved song and that only he knew it. Stephens said that he and Joyce were outside a Paris café when Joyce sang it to him, and he learned it on one hearing – “A knack I have since lost.”

I did the same. It would be interesting to hear that broadcast again and see how close I got. The Nidderdale photograph was taken by Janina Holubecki.