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Song Shepherd

All the songs I collected and some I did not, together with street rhymes, tunes, tales and monologues are here.  Thankyou to the few who write comments, ask questions, express approval, and to the many who just happen quietly by. I like hearing from…

Warm Days In Winter

You can click on a mosaic pic and see them all full-size.

Birthday Songs

Today is Saint Cecilia’s Day and my birthday. Hurrah! To celebrate everyone’s birthdays and the many hundreds of children I taught there are four songs today. As a teacher in several large primary schools the child or children stood in front of the hall…

On Musick

The tune for William Vickers’ poem is mine. The photograph is by Emily, for which many thanks!

As Rich As A King


I’ll Never Go Riding Again!

After The Rain

The music is part of a longer work I wrote in 2008. I like the sound of an oboe. The top photo of The Barge in Hertford is where I met my wife-to-be 49 years ago, or more correctly, in the single storey shed…