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Song Shepherd

All the songs I collected and some I did not, together with street rhymes, tunes, tales and monologues are here.¬† Thankyou to the few who write comments, ask questions, express approval, and to the many who just happen quietly by. I like hearing from…

Warm Days In Winter

You can click on a mosaic pic and see them all full-size.

Birthday Songs

Today is Saint Cecilia’s Day and my birthday. Hurrah! To celebrate everyone’s birthdays and the many hundreds of children I taught there are four songs today. As a teacher in several large primary schools the child or children stood in front of the hall…

On Musick

The tune for William Vickers’¬†poem is mine. The photograph is by Emily, for which many thanks!

As Rich As A King


I’ll Never Go Riding Again!

After The Rain

The music is part of a longer work I wrote in 2008. I like the sound of an oboe. The top photo of The Barge in Hertford is where I met my wife-to-be 49 years ago, or more correctly, in the single storey shed…