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Down In The City

In the 1974 I compiled a travelling theatre presentation which twenty of us took around England in a bus. The show, made up of songs, sketches and dancing, was called ‘Here In The Distance’ and explored, in a light-hearted way, the theme of relationships in people and society….

David Turns The Page

Dave was a teacher in early 1970s Stevenage. Unhappy with his school and the students he was pleased to find a folk club, and a way out of teaching for good. He decided to become a club performer. He already played piano and I was happy to show…

Waterman’s Steps

The top photograph is one of our daughter Emily’s superb creations, a boat on a crochet sea.

Sunday Arternoon

After the Rain

Some time ago, having written out the melody line of After the Rain, I thought a slightly baroque arrangement would work.  Not all the sampled orchestral instruments of Sibelius music software sound well, particularly the grouped strings in this edited version, but the oboe…

Only A Step Away

I was asked to provide some songs for a school play about a land ruled in a strict and orderly fashion by  The Directors, who introduce themselves to the audience thus: The turning point of the play comes when a little girl wonders if…

As Rich As A King

  The first photo is of nearby Erddig, now a National Trust property and open for all. The last is even more local.