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The Fair

Written by John Mathews, a superb artist and folk club friend from long ago, about the last ‘Medieval’ fair held in 1976 at Barsham, on the Norfolk and Suffolk border. I added the traditional tune ‘Nantwich Fair’ at the end. I wish I knew…

My Singing Bird

According to notes written in 1963 by Bert Lloyd the melody is a Munster folk tune. The words are by the Irish poetess, Edith Wheeler. The song came to the McPeake family from Cathal O’Byrne, who organised stage ceilidhs at which Frances McPeake senior…

Westering Home

Written by Hugh S Roberton in the 1920s and set to an adapted traditional tune, I loved it, and other ‘folk’ songs, at school in the 1950s. It was all part of the unstructured sing-song once a week that was graced with the title…

Jenny Pluck Pears

The painting by Helen Galloway McNicol, now in Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is The Apple Gatherer, 1911.

This Moment

Written for the wedding of friends but of course it’s a prayer for us all. Be blessed.

Let There Be Peace

I wrote this in the early seventies. For one reason or another it’s been a recurring prayer ever since.

Friend Of Mine

Written in 1983, recorded yesterday.