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Abie My Boy

Click on the link for a treat from the Angel Canal Festival in London!


While you listen to Liza you may like to click on the first mosaic photo to see them all larger. You’d better be quick though – it’s a very short song.  

Football Crazy

Football Crazy was popular with children in the 1950s to 80s (some versions are in my rhymes collection) but after Robin Hall & Jimmie MacGregor polished up the street song and sang it on the BBC television programme Tonight, it became widely known to adults too. Fifty years later…

Three Crows

After teaming up in 1960 Robin Hall & Jimmie McGregor became nationally known through BBC TV’s daily Tonight programme. At the end of each live broadcast they sang a song and made it fit the exact amount of time remaining. They were my introduction to the living…

Show Me The Way

We met the educated pig in Lichfield, May 2012.

Oh, Me ‘Taters

Side By Side