Category: Traditional folk song

The Shores Of Amerikay

Fifty years ago two Irish friends, about to marry, were slimming down possessions ready for their new life. They gave me what they thought were blank reel-to-reel tapes. I checked them over at home and discovered their beautiful voices. Later I thanked them and…

The Barn Dance

I don’t remember the names of the tunes but the dancers swagger along with a 1-2-3-hop at the end. Great fun!

Hugh The Graeme

A Border ballad.

Queen's Fancy, Jack I'll Tickle Thee and The Slopes

Here’s the hand-written music from my bandbook of three not unknown country dance tunes, played on concertina, guitar, bodhran and saucepan. I hope you think it worth the effort.

Cold Hail & A Rainy Night

The lying soldier spoke truer than he realised.

The Furze field

I really like this gentle traditional song, which James Reeves describes as ‘a comprehensive invitation…’. Furze is another name for gorse. Clare Leighton made the woodcut.

The Dashing Young Fellow From Buckinghamshire

The Dashing Young Fellow From Buckinghamshire is a ridiculous adventure usually published incomplete.  I don’t remember where I found this version. You may like to know: A wager is a bet. Watchmen were officials keeping a night lookout for villains or anything out of…