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Dance To Your Daddy

At primary school we sang a different version of this song and when I went to secondary school we sang this one. I liked the unusual leap on the word ‘laddy’, which was a significant challenge to some of my classmates and the cause…

Rosemary Lane

The cheerful Rosemary Lane has a composite text from a number of versions I heard when touring the 1960s and ’70s folk clubs.

23rd of June

To celebrate the day here’s a favourite version of an Irish song I learned from Pete Cunningham when we sang together in the mid-60’s. His father had a large collection of Irish music.

Sheep Shearing

Sheep Shearing came from Mrs Dommett, Staplehay, Pitminster, Somerset, and was collected by Cecil Sharp on the 23rd August 1907. I happened upon the sheep shearing pictured above as I cycled home yesterday and filmed it but I can’t get the video to display…

Spanish Ladies

A very well-known and well-liked song in both merchant and Royal Navy ships, not to mention the folk clubs of the 60’s & 70’s, this was sung to Cecil Sharp by Captain Lewis (aged 70) at Minehead, Somerset, 4th April 1906.

Madam, Madam

Madam, Madam was collected by Henry & Robert Hammond, c.1905-6, from Mrs Elizabeth Simonds (or Sims), Uploaders, Dorset, and Mrs Forsey, Watton, Dorset. Photos: Above cowslips, below oxlip.

Strike The Bell

Amongst other things a ship’s bell gives the signal to change duties and was and is much-looked forward to. This superb traditional song from Stan Hugill’s collection was sung all over the country in a great many of the folk clubs I played in…