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A Long Time Ago

Collected by renowned tall ship sailor & shantyman, Stan Hugill, this song was printed in his internationally acclaimed book of song, lore and all things sail, Shanties Of The Seven Seas. The photograph from Classic Sailing is of L’Armada 2019. Click the link to…

The Grey Cock

A night-visiting song noted by Henry Hammond from Farmer Mills of Knowles Farm, Beaminster c.1908

The Fox

There are many versions of this song and many different tunes but the story’s always the same. This one, which I sang at school in the 1950s and which had a brief popularity in the 1970 folk clubs, is from English Folk Songs for…

True Lovers’ Farewell

True Lovers’ Farewell was sung to Cecil Sharp by Mrs Frances Gray (55) and by Miss Kitty Sorby, Enmore, Somerset, 22 January 1906. It’s one of many traditional songs on the theme of leaving. The painting is Miranda by John William Waterhouse 1875

Babes In The Wood

I Am A Brisk Young Sailor

Collected by George Gardiner from Richard Hall, Itchen Abbas, Hampshire in 1905, I Am A Brisk Young Sailor is unusually poignant. ‘The Serving Maid’, was painted by Charles Lidderdale (1831-1895).

Arise, Arise