A Ride Upon A Bike


From my unique collection of bicycle songs ‘An Old-Fashioned Bicycle’. You can find the whole album in menu 4 above. The couple on the tandem were on honeymoon! Their story is on Tackling the Heights Together.

The first mosaic photo shows my wife with some of the teddies, woollen jumpers and blankets she knitted for Goods For Good. Click the pics for a better view.

Queen’s Fancy – Jack I’ll Tickle Thee – The Slopes

Nicolaes Molenaer (1630–1676).jpg

What a good painting of a band by Nicolaes Molenaer (1630–1676) at the top of the page. I’m fairly sure they didn’t play our three tune medley. Country dance, ceilidh, folk dance, call it what you will, is going strong in most of Europe, from small local dances to huge street festivals. It’s something worth celebrating. I’m only sorry that I had to play this music on my own.

I Saw Stars


Words & music Maurice Sigler/Al Goodhart/Al Hoffman. There’s more about this album of oldies on Albums 6 in the menu above.

Click on a pic to see them all larger. The terrestrial photos are from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017. I know the aurora borealis isn’t a star, but it’s caused by a star – the sun.

An Old-Fashioned Pushbike

Gill & Barbie the bike.jpg

Here’s my hand-written introduction to a whole album of veteran bicycle songs I collected during my years touring the folk clubs up and down the country.0-bicycle-intro-11.jpegSadly, last week my wife had to sell her lovely Holdsworth touring cycle, her travelling companion of more than thirty years. The good news was meeting David and Gill, the new owner. She’s in the top photo out on the high roads of Yorkshire. Click on the mosaic pics to see them all larger.

More bicycle songs tomorrow!