The Dorset Militia

The Dorset Militia was first collected from Joseph Taunton of Carscombe, Dorset by George Hammond in 1907.

The Crystal Spring

Farmer William King sang The Crystal Spring to Cecil Sharp at East Harptree, Somerset, on 25 August 1904.

Thank you for the lively Navy wedding photo!

Brigg Fair

Joseph Taylor summoned up his courage and sang Brigg Fair at the end of a song competition in 1908. Percy Grainger, who later wrote his orchestrated version, wrote: Mr. Joseph Taylor is in most respects the most exceptional folksinger I have yet heard. Although he is 75 years of age, his lovely tenor voice is as fresh as a young man’s, while the ease and ring of the high notes, the freshness of his rhythmic attack, his clear intonation of modal intervals, and his finished execution of ornamental turns and twiddles (in which so many folk-singers abound) are typical of all that is best in the vocal art of the peasant traditional-singers of these islands.

I thank the anonymous photographer of the Lincolnshire Wolds for the superbly atmospheric picture.

The Rambling Sailor

The song was collected from George Wyatt at West Harptree, Somerset, on 14 April 1904 by Cecil Sharp, who said that as his singer couldn’t remember all the words some of the verses were ‘lifted’ from a broadside. It’s followed by a suitably carefree hornpipe, The Pleasures Of Hope.

The tall ship is the lovely Europa, to be found on Classic Sailing.

Farewell Dearest Nancy

I think I got this lovely song from Cecil Sharp’s harvest, in which case it was originally sung by Mrs Susan Williams (73) at Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset on 26 December 1905.

The photo of Morgenster definitely came from Take a look! There’s still time to book some sailing!

A Sailor’s Alphabet

The song is from Stan Hugill’s Shanties of the Seven Seas. The sketch of sailors entertaining the locals seems to have come from Boys and Girls Bookshelf (New York, NY: The University Society, 1920) The artist of what appears to be a cheery British scene may be Charles E Brock, Henry Matthew¬†Brock, or perhaps one of the other two brothers.

The Bonny Bay Of Biscay-O

The Bonny Bay Of Biscay-O was sung by Mrs Lena Bourne Fish, collected by Frank Warner and recorded by him on Hudson Valley Folk Songs in the late 1940s.

The photograph of magnificent Lady Washington is from Grays Harbor Historical Seaport.