Here’s two thirds of my collection of more than 300 rhymes.  0 Rhymes intro1 Rhymes2 Rhymes3 Rhymes 14 Rhymes5 Rhymes

6 Rhymes7 Rhymes8 Rhymes9 Rhymes10 Rhymes11 Rhymes11 Rhymes12 Rhymes13 Rhymes14 Rhymes15 Rhymes16 Rhymes17 Rhymes18 Rhymes20 Rhymes21 Rhymes22 Rhymes23 Rhymes24 Rhymes25 Rhymes26 Rhymes27 Rhymes 28 Rhymes 29 Rhymes 30 Rhymes 31 Rhymes 32 Rhymes33 Rhymes34 Rhymes35 Rhymes 36 Rhymes37 Rhymes38 Rhymes39 Rhymes40 Rhymes41 Rhymes42 Rhymes43 Rhymes132 Rhymes45 Rhymes 146 Rhymes46 RhymesRhymesRhymes 1RhymesRhymesRhymes.jpeg52 Rhymes53 Rhymes54 Rhymes55 Rhymes57 Rhymes58 RhymesRhymes .jpeg60 Rhymes .jpegrhymesrhymes-1rhymes-2rhymes-64rhymes-65Rhymes 66.jpegrhymes-67rhymes-6870-rhymes71-rhymes72-rhymes73-rhymes74 Rhymes.jpeg74-rhymes75-rhymes77-rhymes78-rhymes79 Rhymes.jpeg80 Rhymes.jpeg81-rhymes82-rhymes83-rhymes84-rhymes81 Rhymes.jpeg81c Rhymes.jpeg255 Rhymes.jpeg259 Rhymes260 Rhymes262 Rhymes313 Rhymes

That’s most of the children’s rhymes I collected except about a hundred which other people have also published in their blogs plus a lot of Scout and Guide rhymes. It was one of the joys of a teaching career, especially when the entire school became interested.  Sometimes – not very often – I still see children playing games with songs or rhymes but these days it’s best not to speak to them. It’s my guess their rhymes won’t be all that different in content or purpose.