Don’t Fence Me In


A demo for my guitar classes. The song was written by Robert Fletcher and Cole Porter. There’s a difference between being fenced in and being fenced out. I like the open air, and hedges and trees are useful boundaries, but I don’t mind fences so long as I can see past them or there are handy gates and stiles to explore further if I wish. The livestock has to be kept safe, but the countryside is criss-crossed with ancient tracks, paths and lanes, so there’s freedom enough for me.



Words by Johnny Mercer, music by Hoagy Carmichael 1933.  The story is that Mercer saw Hoagy snoozin’ on his couch and said, “I’m gonna write a song called ‘Lazy Bones’.” Carmichael said, “Well, let’s get at it.”  Johnny said the first line, Hoagy started playing a melody on piano, and the song was finished in twenty minutes.

Love Is The Sweetest Thing


Love Is The Sweetest Thing was one of Ray Noble’s great songs. He had became leader of the HMV Records New Mayfair Dance Orchestra in 1929. Its most popular vocalist was Al Bowlly who recorded the song in 1932.

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More about the CD I recorded this song for is on Albums 6 in the menu.