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Midnight Special

From the double album Guitar. Retro in the menu says a bit more.

Nobody’s Fault But Mine

A demo recording for a guitar class.

Hesitation Blues

A demo for my guitar class. I know two completely different songs called Hesitation Blues. I heard this one, which is not at all well-known, on a crackly old 78, but with no label so I don’t know who sang it, or anything about…

I Know My Babe

A demo recording for one of my guitar classes.

Death Come Creeping

An unusual song on a theme rather more hopeful than one might imagine! For those interested in such things the Martin guitars from left to right are 000-28VS (played here), M38 and OM-21 Special.

Midnight Special

There’s a bit about why theses songs were recorded in Retro of the menu.

Twelve Gates To The City

More about these demo recordings in Retro of the menu.