Locks & Bolts


I’m indebted to Mary and Bill in Florida for telling me about The Max Hunter Collection.  (http://maxhunter.missouristate.edu) Just before Christmas I listened to many of the field recordings and was particularly taken with Harrison Burnett’s fine singing and wrote out his version of Locks & Bolts recorded in 1960. As so often these days I forgot about it until this morning when I came across my notes and decided I must record a demo of the song right away – the first on my new Martin 00-28VS. Some years ago Judith, an old friend in Sussex, sent me a photograph she’d taken in France which she said might be useful for an album one day. I said I knew just the song. But Locks & Bolts was seldom collected in England or America, and at the time I had only a couple of confused copies. However, thanks to Mary and Judith, I now have a singable version and the makings, perhaps, of an album in the near future.