Tag: Modern folk song

The January Man

An early Dave Goulder song.

Mama Don’t Allow

From the double album Guitar – see Retro in the menu.

Cannily, Cannily

Another song described by some as ‘traditional’, it was written in 1952 by Ewan MacColl for the radio series Ballads and Blues. This is one of the lullabies I sang to my own children. The Advent wreath was made by Emily, who’s long had children…

Two Brothers

A demo recording for a guitar class. There’s a widespread belief that this thoughtful song is traditional, but in fact it was written by Irving Gordon. Pete Seeger recorded it in 1960 and Dusty in 1962, when she was still singing with her brother as The Springfields.

Night Train To Munich

‘Night Train to Munich’ is a 1940 British spy thriller film directed by Carol Reed and starring Margaret Lockwood and Rex Harrison. I really must see it one day. I like films with a story.   I don’t know why Al Stewart wrote the song but it’s fun…

Bricks & Mortar

Sunday Arternoon, Arter Dinner