Old Grey Squirrel


Royal Clipper Sunset Martinique

As a ten-year-old schoolboy I greatly enjoyed Alfred Noyes poem ‘Old Grey Squirrel’ without understanding any of the implications. Reading it again as an adult I was reminded of my father’s boyhood love of the sea which led him into the Royal Navy at the age of fifteen. A year later World War 2 began and he learned enough about the sea to last his lifetime.

I don’t know if it’s any better to achieve one’s ambition as he did or live unfulfilled, like Squirrel. The tune is mine. The ship is the Royal Clipper at sunset, off Martinique.

Night Train To Munich

Victoria Station 1950s

‘Night Train to Munich’ is a 1940 British spy thriller film directed by Carol Reed and starring Margaret Lockwood and Rex Harrison. I really must see it one day. I like films with a story.   I don’t know why Al Stewart wrote the song but it’s fun and I like songs with a story too.

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