Tag: Traditional folk song

Ham ‘n’ Eggs

From Guitar (see Retro for more about this album of songs for guitar beginners).

The Gypsy Rover

From the double album Guitar in Retro. The photo is from George Crawford, with thanks. For Alison and for Barbie, who wanted to hear the song again. Other versions on Song Shepherd are The Hippies And The Beatniks-O (volume 9/menu 4); Gypsy Laddie (volume 10/ menu 4);…

The Month Of May

From the album Fools’ Pleasure (Menu 7).The long line of sticks, twigs and grass was left in the hedge when the floods receded. Recently people haven’t been able to enlarge photos by clicking on them, though you still can on older posts, so I’ve changed themes to one…

The Bold Privateer

A privateer was a privately owned vessel and crew licensed by the government for war. From the album Fools’ Pleasure (menu 7).

Home, Dearest Home

From the album Fools’ Pleasure’ in menu 7.

The Ploughboy And His Love

From the album Fools’ Pleasure (see menu 7). The cheery tractor convoy came by on a lane in Cheshire during a cycle ride. We never found out what it was all about.

The Blackbird And The Thrush

From the album Fools’ Pleasure (see menu 7). I chose A Jizzle of Sparrows – one of my painted woodcuts – as the illustration because I haven’t made one of a blackbird or a thrush. I hope it will do.