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The Wiltshire Wedding

From the Album Fools’ Pleasure. The thirty shillings mentioned in the song is equivalent to £1.50 or just over $2. Not a very big dowry, even in those days!

Locks & Bolts

I’m indebted to Mary and Bill in Florida for telling me about The Max Hunter Collection.  (http://maxhunter.missouristate.edu) Just before Christmas I listened to many of the field recordings and was particularly taken with Harrison Burnett’s fine singing and wrote out his version of Locks & Bolts recorded…

The Green Wedding

From the album Fools’ Pleasure.

The Seeds Of Love

From the album Fools’ Pleasure (Menu 7).

The Maid And The Box

From the album Fools’ Pleasure. (Menu 7)

The Golden Glove

A New Year and a newly-recorded album of songs in my collection. (Menu 7)


I first heard this in the 1950s, sung by a US serviceman, Johnny Duncan, who stayed to enjoy some success and hit records until the skiffle bubble burst. In Britain skiffle was a kind of folk music with a blues or jazz flavour. I was glad to have…